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Pharmacy Management System

The Pharmacy Management System from Meridian maintains the inventory of all the drug items in a pharmacy. All primary functions of a Pharmacy like Purchase Requisition, GRN Entry, Outpatient Counter Sale, Inpatient Issue/Return, Department Issue, Supplier Return, Gate Pass – Returnable /Non-returnable,Adjustment Issue / Receipt are handled in this system.
The purchase of the drugs is handled by the Purchase option. Our Pharmacy System is able to generate purchase requisitions as per the consumption pattern, purchase orders as per daily requirements. The Purchase department prepares the purchase order for the items, on receiving items from the supplier the pharmacy store will prepare the Good Receipt Note (GRN) at the Receiving Bay with details of Batch No, expiry date and MRP. Once the items are inspected and verified the GRN can be posted which will update the stock of the items.
Our Pharmacy Management System will be able to make both out-patient sale and in patient issues in hospital pharmacy as well.


  • The inpatient issues will be done based on the drug orders entered from ward. While making an issue, option will be available to issue a substitute item instead of the requested item.
  • In case of returns of outpatient, option will be available to make a return against the issue only. Only batches issued will be allowed to be taken back as return.
  • All inpatient returns entries are to be done before bill preparation and discharge of the patient. The return entries will be entered in wards which the pharmacy will verify and post.
  • Provision will also be available to make issues to other departments in the hospital. These issues can be made against an indent or without an indent also.
  • If it is required to return few medicines to the supplier, a supplier return is accompanied by a Gate pass will be prepared by the Pharmacy.
  • Adjustment Issue and adjustment receipt option will also be provided to balance to the computer stock with the actual physical stock, though these adjustments will have to be done by authorization only.
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