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With globalised operations and growing competition taking over the shipping & logistics industry, more and more companies are effectively collaborating with partners across the value chain to monitor processes end-to-end and adopt preventive strategies over the more traditional reactive approach to sustain profitability.
With industry leading logistics IT solutions and services from Meridian, higher operational efficiency can be achieved to generate new revenue opportunities. Our solutions help you to process large volumes of transaction data in real time to gain visibility into the supply chain and improve strategic decision making as well as deliver more efficient customer service.
Meridian offers a range of solutions that help Logistics & shipping companies to improve customer and vendor relationships, realize efficiencies, and utilize assets more productively. From enhancing customer and vendor management to optimizing managed transportation to driving digital transformation, our solutions empower LSPs to improve service delivery and drive customer centricity.
We also create enterprise frameworks and make use of smart technology to provide a seamless view of the customer across the value chain and at service-delivery touch points.