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Venturing an online business requires broad market study, planning and strategizing right from the design, development and hosting of an e-commerce website to selecting robust and trusted method of payment gateway. No need to be fumbled with the word ‘Payment Gateway’? Most of the industry-leading e-commerce websites are now combined with payment gateway service to process online transaction made via several modes like UPI, credit cards, digital wallet, etc. It bridges the gap between the customer, bank and business by reliably transferring all the sensitive data from one end to the other.

Payment gateway plays a critical role in the online payment ecosystem, so picking a payment gateway that gratifies the nature of your business is crucial to determine the online success. Until a couple of years back, setting up a proper payment gateway was a mammoth task, it used to include a set of verification and documentation. But now the situation turned upside down, and it has become a matter of choosing the proper method with the support of a leading payment gateway service provider in Dubai like Meridian IT Solutions.

And here is the list of most prominent online payment gateways in UAE that curated by our team based on their years of industry expertise.


Telr is one of the leading and oldest players in the payment gateway market of UAE, which provides most of the quintessential features that are vital to run an online e-commerce business. This comprehensive payment gateway system has three levels of account for users, Entry, Small and Medium; each of them having an upfront payment to begin an e-commerce market.

To get started, log in to, develop an account by filling the online form and presenting the required documents. Following the completion of these processes, you are good to go further and check the pricing plans that attentively prepared based on the requirement of a business.


CashU is an online payment solution provider that provides a highly-secured, agile and affordable online payment solution for the online merchants. This secured payment gateway integrated with most sophisticated and up to date fraud prevention and AML (Anti-Money Laundering software) system for overcoming the risks associated with online payments for the end of both seller and buyer, and which allow for broader, reliable and more active consumer participation in e-commerce.

The most beneficial characteristic of using CashU is that you do not require to share your personal information so that a buyer can securely pay the transaction without bankcard and credit card information. However, every transaction guarantees zero risks of chargeback.


PayPal is one of the dominant online payment processors in the world, and it has been in the mobile payments arena for more than a decade. It enables the user to pay for goods using a secure internet account created using the bank account, credit card or debit card details. Once identification and verification of funds are approved, users can begin transferring or receiving payments to and from online PayPal accounts or through the app. PayPal coupled with most up to date technologies for account security and an exceptional financial system for dealing with over 3 million customers across the world.

Over the years, there are a lot of new competitors have entered the market, but PayPal still firmly maintaining its top position as a market leader. And also, it is considered one of the most reputable sources of payment for freelancers or remote workers, mainly in a foreign country.

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