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SEO Trends to boost ranking in 2020- Meridian

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We’ve received immense support for our blog series about – Updated & the latest trends in web designs for the year 2020.

And, as per the request of our readers we’ve decided to post a blog to help you understand the trends that one must look for when planning to go for SEO. 

SEO is one of the in-thing among other digital marketing trends. What makes SEO so special?

The main highlight of SEO services is that it delivers 100% organic traffic for your websites. And helps your website optimised on both perspectives – User & Searchengine.

There are many SEO firms & analysts all around the world working day & night for their clients & customers. So, how can you compete with them?

Yes, staying updated is one thing that you must do. And, by end of this read, you’ll have a clear picture of the things you need to look for. 

The blog will be a series & so keep a close eye for the next time we post the second part for the same. 

SEO trends that one must follow for the year 2020- 

  • Voice search optimization – 

Yes, voice search is increasing day by day according to a stats there was around 33 million voice search queries conducted in the year of 2017. And, according to data from March 2019 shows that 20% of mobile queries are voice searches.

The voice search is continuously rising day by day & to stay ahead of it we seriously need to consider the voice search optimization. How It can be done? 

Not worry here are some of the tips- 

  • Use long-tail keywords.
  • Think making keywords on the search perspective of users. 
  • Reconsider making bullet lists in your content as the chances are higher for ranking voice search.
  • Count voice searches as an integral part of the SEO process & plan accordingly. 
  • The Featured snippets – 

What is a featured snippet? 

A featured snippet is a summary of an answer for the search query & Google displays it at the top of web search results. 

Why featured snippet needs to be concentrated?

Today almost all the search is no clicks as the users get most of the answers from the featured snippets. According to the Ahrefs study gets more traffic than the normal search results. 

  • Impact of BRET

BRET was the first ever major change after the Rankbrain in the year of 2014 & it enables anyone to train their question & answering system. 

The BRET will have a serious impact on the search queries where the prepositions like “to” & for will matter more in understanding the search query.

The main use of BRET is to help & to improve the Google understandings about the natural language.

The above listed are some of the trends that one should keep an eye when it comes to SEO services. Keep waiting for the second part of this series in the coming days. 

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