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Meridian IT Solutions is a famous Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai is back with a new read. After the huge response for our blog series on the topic – Updated & the latest trends in web designs for the year 2020. We are back with yet another interesting topic – ORM. 

In this read, we’ll cover the topics like- 

  • What is ORM?
  • Why ORM is important?
  • How to plan an ORM activity?
  • What are the steps for ORM activity?
  • What are the tools used for carrying out ORM?

The world is changing at a great speed people today depend on the internet for all their small-big queries. Internet is at a touch away & so people believe whatever they see online. 

And, the influence of the internet everywhere in our day to day life. So, the searches & results that we see on the internet influences our thinking & thoughts. 

As a quote says – “People today eat internet & sleep on the internet”. So, it’s important to have a good reputation for online platforms. 

Let’s get to our topic now.

What is ORM?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) today is an integral part of digital marketing.  ORM helps in maintaining your online presence & helps in controlling the results that show up when people are searching for you online. 

The search is can be done of different platforms the users don’t need to search on search engines only the search can be in other platforms like- 
1) Social Media 
2) Forum
3) PR sites 
4) News and other online platforms.

And, that’s what the ORM does for you- ORM activity involves the-
1) Cleaning up you of negative posts articles on the web.
2) Removal & replacing any kind of negative social media post & images. 
3) Management of online reviews about your company or your business i.e replacing negative reviews with positive reviews.
ORM services in Dubai, UAE

Why ORM is important?

Well, it’s been described above & can be explained with a one-liner – “People believe what they see on online platforms” but no let’s break it to some points- 

1) ORM helps you grow with your online business by creating a positive image & brand-value for you & your firm. 

2) With ORM you not only gain positive reviews but also gain a good amount increase in your sales. The online reputation for your business is directly proportional to the increase in sales.   

3) ORM increases the website SEO ranking. As your reputation increases the user-engagement increases & thereby traffic increases that result in better ranking in web searches.

How to plan an ORM activity?

1) Monitoring your online presence- This is the 1st thing that one needs to do when it comes to ORM. 

2) Do an audit with the negative keywords & check whether you appear in those results. 

3) Create a plan of how you are going to execute things for making a good online reputation. 

4) Check for the online negative reviews & check for the fake accounts that exist with your names.

What are the steps for ORM activity?

1) Create a strong online presence on social media platforms with help if SMM.

2) Creates posts & images on a regular basis to create user-engagement.

3) Be active on online platforms & always replay to the comments that users posts on your profile. 

4) Creating a community platform for sharing your company contents & to help people interact with you & your brand creates a good reputation. 

5) Rapid Response on all the online platforms.

What are the tools used for carrying out ORM?

Here we’re giving you the tools that you can use when doing ORM activity & if you want to know in-depth about these tools please post your comment in the comment section. 
And, we’ll create a new blog explaining all the tools for ORM. 
1) Google Alerts
2) SocialMention
3) Reputology

Why choose Meridian for ORM services in UAE?

Meridian IT Solutions is a well-known Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai & well-written blogs & we hope that this blog has helped you in understanding more about ORM. 

Note- ORM is an activity that needs to be carried out under the guidance of experienced professionals or else it can affect diversely. 

So, if you’re on the lookout for a firm offering ORM services in UAE then Meridian IT Solutions would be a great choice for you. 

Never believe in what we’re saying just visit our website & explore more yourself why we’re the best we assure you that you’ll have the answer to why Meridian is the ideal choice for you. 

Meridian IT Solutions – Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai is not a name that came into existence all of sudden. We’ve gained this fame & reputation with years of experience & hard work. 

Meridian – Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai is just a call away from you & is dying to help you with our services. 
Visit us here- 
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